Leaders Who Are Real Don’t Pretend

Leaders are not pretenders. When you are strieving to earn money on the internet, beware of who you attach your wagon. I have been into network marketing for 12 years and you can find evidence that i am a real person. I don’t have to wear sun glasses or a disguise. There are many pretenders […]

Leadership Can’t Be Faked

Many times when you are new to network marketing, you try to “fake it till you make it but that want work. You must be train to be a leader. Leaders are not born but are trained. If you want to develop the skill set to be a leader in the network marketing industry. Enter […]

All Souls Matter

“Your Soul Matters”- Make The Real Investment!   Click Here To Register The Creator Of All Souls Is God The cry across America from Urban centers and quaint country towns ranged from “Black Lives Matter and “Blue Lives matter to the shout of All Lives Matter. The last chant of “All Lives Matter” does not […]

Failure Does Not Mean You’re Finished

Many times we go through periods of droughts in our lives where no matter what we do, it never works out in a positive way. I have seen this happen many times but we need to pump the brakes on thinking my dream is dead. We Often Times Quit Because We Forget The Hebrew writer […]

Network Marketing Success Requires A Positive Attitude

Success in any task we have in life and even Network Markeing begins long before we find the right business opportunity, right marketing system, right mentor or even the right sponsor. The first thing that we must deal with is the right attitude. We need to have an attitude check to seem if our frame […]

Is Your MLM Company A Scam?

​ A network marketing company can be a little like Enron. Enron was a publicly-traded company, subject to SEC rules and regulations … yet, they STILL cooked the books. Worldcom did the same. If you can’t really trust the information released in legal documents put out by publicly traded companies, how much stock can you […]

MLM Success Begins With Being A Pro

Success In Any Business Starts With Being A Professional There are no excuse for being anything but a professional in your mlm business. It’s your brand, it’s your business and not one person will care for it more then you. I went to a conference and there was a motivation speaker giving a presentation on […]

MLM Success Begins With Our Mind

  MLM Success Is All In The Mind The “Seed Principle” is documented and applied in a book Aubrey Johnson entitled the “The Seed Principle” with the tagline of “sowing the life of your dreams. In his book, he refers to the “soil” as the mind of a person. The “seed” is referred as a […]